''Take a deep breath and step into the luxurious world of Monaco Villa Paros. Welcome serene environment, amazing views, blissful sundeck—a spot you'll never want to leave. Enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable stay on the island of Paros.''


Verandas surround the Monaco Villa Paros on all sides; the large infinitive pool and its interior space span a total of 500 square meters, including designated areas for dining and seating. The Monaco Villa Paros is notable for its secluded location, enchanting atmosphere, breathtaking panoramic views, and numerous opportunities for leisure and entertainment.

Enjoy the Art, the Flavor, the Mystery, and the Bliss as much as you like.
Monaco Villa Paros is pleased to have you.
A two-story, 500-square-meter villa situated on 5,000 square meters of land, featuring 6 bedrooms 7 beds, a stunning panorama of the sea, a huge pool, a jacuzzi, and premium amenities for the discerning traveler.
Just 500 meters from Parikia town, this Paros gem enjoys a picturesque setting above a grassy hill.
Monaco Villa Paros stands out due to its secluded location, romantic ambiance, panoramic breathtaking sea, town & port view, and variety of leisure and entertainment options.
  • Closest Beach (Livadia): 5 min/ 2 km
  • Paros Port: 6 min/2 km
  • Parikia Town: 5 min/2 km
  • Krios Beach: 10 min/ 5 km
  • Marcelo Beach: 12 min/ 6 km
  • Punta Port to Antiparos: 14 min/ 7 km
  • Paros Airport: 15 min/ 10 km
  • Agia Irini Beach: 14 min/ 7 km
  • Lefkes Village: 10 min/ 6 km
  • Naoussa Town: 16 min/10 km
  • Kolympithres Beach: 15 min/ 11 km
  • Santa Maria Beach: 22 min/ 15 km